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Welcome to the Stardust Dorm

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Welcome to the Stardust Dorm

Post by Kaliba on Tue Aug 06, 2013 12:13 pm

Welcome in the Stardust Dragon Dorm,

if you got here you are already a really good duelist, not many can beat you easily and you are part of the best in our Academy.
But there is still always something new to learn and you only stay under the top duelists if you know about the actual decks, strategys, meta, etc
So for exactly that we are here. To help us each out with side decks, good cards to bring a deck to the limit and to see how we can beat new decks

If you guys got any questions or want a duel you can write me on DuelingNetwork or just write a PM here on the forum.

So I hope you enjoy your time in this dorm and that you do your best to be a good addition to this Dorm.


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