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Destoonroo12's test results

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Destoonroo12's test results

Post by Kaliba on Tue Aug 06, 2013 9:34 pm

Deck build:
5/5 He had exactly 40 cards-
Deck use:
3/5 because I didn't see many combos except the evolsaur typical special summon and 1-2 xyz. More complicated things like summoning a xyz got negated easily.
7/10 he reacted on changes on field as good as it was possible without getting negated the entire time from my effects.
6/10 he sided cards pretty well but it was also clear that he wasnt prepared for a deck like mine cards like shadow/light-imprisoning Mirror should be added
0/30 He won 0 out of 2 duels

This means for the moment Black-Winged Dragon Dorm. The puzzle is still open and can bring up to 50 points. WHich would mean 1 tier higher at the ideal


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