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NeroShadowThorongil's test results

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NeroShadowThorongil's test results

Post by Kaliba on Wed Aug 07, 2013 5:44 pm

50/50 Points for the puzzle

Deck Build 4/5
He had sometimes some problems to get his cards else all was nearly flaweless (at least from the second duel on ^^)

Deck Use 3,5/5
because I think 4 is to much :DThe combos didnt come in one turn most time they were rather slow

Adaption 4/10
He wasnt able to do much about simple traps like Iron Wall so that costs a bunch of points

Side Deck 6/10
I dont know lol

Duels 30/30
First duel lost next 2 won

97,5 points rounds up to 98

Congratulations your now in the Stardust Dragon Dorm


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