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Rules Of The Archtype Discussion Thread

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Rules Of The Archtype Discussion Thread Empty Rules Of The Archtype Discussion Thread

Post by Destoonroo12 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 2:49 pm

These are the rules for the recently created Archetype Discussion Thread.

1.The Archetype you make a thread for must have a full line up Of Monsters,Spells and Traps. Or to an extent Monsters and spells.

2.You cannot throw in multiple Sub sections of an archetype into one thread willy nilly.Unless it is something such as Nordics which fairly have three sub Archetypes. You cannot however cover the 5+ Heroes all in one.

3.Whenever a thread is created.It must be neatly organized.It cannot just be a giant text wall with no pictures or descriptions or spacing. Otherwise it will be deleted unless the creator edits it

4.There cannot be duplicate threads for One Archetype.Each Archetype gets only one thread.To avoid clogging our pages.

5.The Archetype thread you create must include the following
-The cards in the Archetype
-Strategies that Archetype can use
-Potential outside support for the Archetype
-A Sample Deck so that others can get a general idea of a build they can create

Remember these rules for when your creating an Archetype thread.Otherwise it will be taken down.


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