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Darkypwnz Test results

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Darkypwnz Test results Empty Darkypwnz Test results

Post by Desara on Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:42 pm

Deck size: 40-43=10 44-46= 5 47+=0

Originality: 5
3/5 Just because I personally have seen a lot of this specific deck a lot.

can still get a full 5 if its a common deck type if its a custom build for example i use a malefic deck but its a custom build, you wont see MY build on the net or some one else using unless they got it from me

Knowledge Of Rulings: 5
5/5 No problems with rulings

Understanding rulings of all cards not just your opponents but yours as well.

Skill with deck=5
4/5 Adapted well with the changes I added with the deck.
How skilled you are at using your own deck

Side deck:5
0/5(Didn't bother to side in anything new)
you will be judged on whats in your side deck.

Win Ratio (Student-tester) 2-0= 15 2-1=10 1-2=5 0-2=0

Adaptation: 10/10
Because that one thing was so amazing.

Combos:Predictable as is with most Quasar decks. 4/5

Black Winged Dragon: Below 45
Red Dragon Archfiend:45-54
Stardust Dragon:55-65

Total:46/65 welcome to the Red Dragon Dorm.


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