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i truly hate who i am but its hard to change who i am

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i truly hate who i am but its hard to change who i am

Post by Pyro107 on Sat Aug 17, 2013 11:52 pm

for now on gonna keep my distance and ignore any negativity and will drown my self outa chat when negativty starts not the brightest person here and im just tired of blowing up and having people see me as a short fuse ignorate jerk i'm usually shy at new places inlife im always the quiet one cause way too many people bullied me and when i get mad my face heats up when i don't blow up enough of that plz guys lets throw whis behind and just get on with the propose of the academy i dun wanna talk about this anymore just wanna move on i'll be back to see if chat will work and i'll be quiet for a bit im sorry you guys saw that i truly am a sensative person and care a lot about others a lot more than i do for myself when i say idc deep down i wanna move on and seal it off or i really do give me about an hour and i'll be back

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