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BlackRoseLord's Results

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BlackRoseLord's Results

Post by Axel on Mon Aug 05, 2013 9:59 pm

BlackRoseLord's results for the endgame puzzle were 40. This is because he finished the puzzle in more than 10 minutes but did i with no mistakes. His results for the match are as following:
Deck Build:0/5 He had 60 cards in his deck.
Deck Use: 2/5 I barely saw any of his combos and they ween't used very well since they were very easily countered.
Adaption: 3.3/10 He adapted well in the duel he won but the in the other ones. I destroyed all of his monsters on the field.
Side Deck: 10/10
Duels: 15/30
Total Score: 65. Welcome to the Red Dragon Archfiend Dorm. You are an average duelist, your dorm leader troll will help you out.


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Re: BlackRoseLord's Results

Post by Trolldad213 on Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:03 pm

Welcome to my dorm Very Happy You will have a wonderful time here, any time you have any questions or comments feel free to pm me on here or DN. Also, my facebook and skype are on my profile, feel free to hit me up there too. If you message me from those, be sure and tell me who you are lol Razz

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