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Tomato360's Results

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Tomato360's Results

Post by Axel on Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:41 pm

Well here are his results. He didn't get the endgame puzzle. For his match result, here they are.

Deck Build: 5/5

Deck Use: 3/5 I only saw one combo, but it was very good.

Adaption: 2.5 /5 He got really lucky and got the best possible cards in both duels in his deck while I got the worst possible in my deck in both duels so I don't know how to score him on this since there were no changes on the field. SIce he OTK'd me though I guess a 2.5 would be suitable.
Side Deck: 5/10 As i said before, he got the best possible cards in his deck so he didn't need to side. Even though I didn't see any of the cards he sided he spent a sizable amount of time siding.
Duels: 30/30
Your score is 46. Welcome to the black-winged dorm.


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